Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun or Something like that!

ok, ok since this is my 4th post of the night, I think it will be my last, since Halloween just ended I figured I better try and get this one in tonight!

Halloween this year was not the funnest, but we tried to make the best of it. Monday night before Halloween Saige came down with the Swine flu...Yuck. She has such a high temperature that would not break, poor little thing she was devastated that she could not go to school as it was red ribbon week and the week of Halloween. The Dr. said that she couldn't go back to school until she had been 24 hours with out a fever. Lucky for her it broke late Wednesday night and she was fever free all of Thursday, so against my better judgement I let her go to school on Friday for the Halloween parade, she was so happy and she hasn't had a fever flare up again, however it left her with a horrible cough.

Wednesday night I came down with it and Thursday night Hayden got it. Travis is so lucky I wish all of us had an immune system like his, he never gets sick (knock on wood. We always carve pumpkins a few nights prior but since we all felt like crap I didn't want to, Travis however talked me into it Friday night. I'm so glad he talked me into it, event though it completely drained me it's always been a tradition of ours and I love doing it and my kids love it. They turned out so great this year!

Hayden picked the castle, Saige did the Mummy, I picked the Witch and Travis of course has to pick the hardest design the scarecrow

Because we weren't feeling well it took so long to get them done, but we did it and Hayden and I crashed afterwords.

Halloween morning we all woke up feeling ok, not feeling great but better than we had. Grandma and Grandpa Harris called and asked us to just try and come to at least their house, I don't really like the thought of spreading this illness but I'm not 100% that Hayden and I had the same thing Saige had as we didn't have as severe a fever as she did. So again against my better judgement we went to trick or treating to Grandma's & Grandpa's. Both kids were so excited to just get out of the house.

Saige was a Geisha girl and Hayden was of course Buzz light Year!

Hopefully we didn't spread the H1N1 to anyone else. I hope I don't ever have sick kids or myself be sick on Halloween again it is not a good one to be sick on.

Quick House update

I'm trying to get caught up so I am doing a few post tonight, so hopefully you will be able to look at them all, the last 2 were pretty long but hopefully this one won't be so long.
They are moving so quickly on our house, they are scheduled to be done before November 30th so that we can close prior to the 30th to get the federal $8,000 first time home buyers grant, so excited because then I will be able to get new furniture Yeah! I'm not sure how they are going to get it all done so quickly, its a pretty tight schedule. I'm just excited to be in before Christmas!!!

All of this has happened within the last 3 weeks

Pouring of the foundation


Almost done framing

The last time we were out at the house it was to dark to take pictures, but they had finished shingling the roof, the drywall had been delivered, most all windows were framed and set in. As of today they were starting on drywall and the outside inspection was set for tomorrow, so they will start working on stucco and rocks. The packing process has officially started, We are so excited!

More About Saige and a little bit of Hayden!

I'm doing a few post tonight to try and get caught up because we have had so much go on. We always do birthday pictures and like eveything in my life, we had these taken pretty late after Saige's birthday, Amanda took them and she is always amazing, I love having such a talented sister as a photographer....

Here are a few of the pics we had taken of Saige in her baptism dress, they turned out great, I love what a contrast the black dress is to the weeds.

My mom loves this picture, she says it looks like Saige is walking into heaven, while I know she meant that as a great comment, I don't like thinking of Saige walking into heaven at such a young age. The picture is great though!

Here is a few pics of her in casual clothes, this outfit went so perfect with the field, it was great...

This is such a fun picture!

Of course we always have to try and get pictures of Hayden as well, Saige is such a great little model, but Hayden you have to get him in the right mood which is never, Amanda was still able to get some great pics of him.

Everyone says that Hayden and Addi could be twins so we always try and get pictures of them together as well, however it nver turns out so good. They both did not want to get pictures taken.

He try's so hard to help her its so cute.

This is my favorite pic, I love how Addi is just reaching out for someone to save her and Hayden just sits there picking his nose, what a boy!

All about Little Miss Saige

Saige turned the wonderful age of 8 this year, this post is her Happy Belated blog birthday post...This post is really late and I feel horrible that it has taken me so long to do this, its also going to be a long post, so sorry to those that hate long posts.

Saige was born on May 3rd, 2001, I never could have imaged how much you instantly love someone, it was one of the most wonderful days in my life. Our Family is truly blessed to have her special spirit with us.

It is so amazing how quickly time flies, I can't believe she is 8! This year her birthday was a hard one, her birthday fell on a Sunday, Travis had to work and since he works graveyards we decided to do our little family stuff prior to him leaving for work, and then we would just go up to grandma's house for our regular Sunday dinner. Saige was so excited because she would get to see all of her cousins and be able to play with them on her birthday. So we opened presents, sent dad to work and went up to grandma's and Saige waited and waited for her cousins to arrive, unfortunately not one person showed up, which is extremely odd as generally everyone tries to come to grandma and grandpa's for Sunday dinner. While we were eating dinner Saige turns to me and asks "why doesn't anyone like me?" as a mother this not something you want your kids to experience, ex specially on her birthday. She was heartbroken, luckily I have amazing parents and they were able to help me get her mind off why no one came up on her special day and focus on the great things turning 8 means.

Saige made the decision to be baptised and I could not be more proud of her for making that decision, while I struggle to go to church and do what is right in my life, I always have Saige here to remind me what I should be doing....

She was baptized on June 6th. Saige's Uncle Dan baptized her and her Grandpa Harris confirmed her.

This day was such a hard day and such an amazing day! While I was so disappointed in my family and so very pissed off at Travis family, Once again Saige is there to show me no matter what Christ loves me and I should not dwell on the bad but only the good of this day.

There was supposed to be 6 kids baptized, however for some reason they all had to back out at the last minute because of family not being able to make it in town. So Saige was the only one from our stake to be baptized that day. It was such an amazing baptism, all of the talks that were spoken were amazing. However my favorite part of the baptism besides Saige being baptized was the opening prayer, It was like she was talking straight to me, the spirit from her was so amazingly strong.

I am so thankful to those that took the time out of their busy schedule to be there for Saige on her special day, it meant so much to her and to Travis and I.

We are so proud of you Saige, we love you so much!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Very Own Mound of Dirt!

So sorry it is has been so long since I last posted, it's amazing how busy life gets. I give a big thumbs up for all of you that find the time to post on a regular basis, I so wish I could be like you!
So much has happened in our lives since February. Saige turned 8 and was baptized, I will do a post shortly with pictures of her baptism, I want to make it a post all about Saige. Hayden had his first stitches, I think this was harder for me than it was him, as I was the one that had to pin him down for the doctor.
My work's partnership split and I now work in one of the owners homes in Alpine, that is one long story that I probably won't post as I still need to keep my job and it's not a very nice story...
We have decided to build a house, we made this decision the end of June and it has kept us extremely busy since. We are building with McArthur Home's and so far the process hasn't been to horrible of an experience. We have had a few glitches, however I'm guessing that is probably a common thing when building. It was fun to go to the design center and pick everything out and knowing that everything will be brand new, however it was harder than I thought it would be. It turns out that I am extremely good at picking things out for others however when it comes to picking things out for myself it's a different story.
Trav and I don't always see eye to eye, especially when it comes to home decor, but I am pretty proud of us we really didn't argue over to much and I think the outcome will look really good!
We choose a Corner Lot and the back of our lot is next to a church, which is extremely nice as it already has a fence up and we will only have 1 neighbor next to us.

There were a lot of rocks they had to clear off, but they finally got it done and got it staked out.

While digging the hole they hit a very Large vein of Rocks, you can't see them very good in this next picture put they are really big. I guess it's means our foundation will be really strong... LOL

This week they are working on blasting the rocks out so they can finish the hole and hopefully next week they will start the process of pouring the foundation, I will try hard to keep up on the post!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I've never really liked Valentines Day, it could be from working at a flower shop for 4 years and then working with my mom doing flowers every year after that. What ever it is I have just never felt that you needed 1 day a year to say I love you.... I think the people you love should always know that you love them and don't need to be reassured by receiving flowers or chocolates on 1 day.

I know Trav loves me and vica versa. He shows me everyday in the little things he does for me, picking up the toys in the front room knowing that Hayden is just going to dump them back out in 5 mins., washing the dishes, helping me every morning with getting the kids ready and off for the day, even though he is dead tired for working a long night. Helping me get to bed early when he knows I've had a hard day, letting me put my cold feet on his warm legs at night to help me warm up, making me smile when I don't want to, working very hard at his job so we can provide for our children, the list can go on.... but it's the little things that we do everyday that show someone how much you love them.

Instead of having 1 valentines day and doing something big to say I love you, we all should have 365 days of doing small things to let them know how special and important they are.

Trav, Thank you so much for all the little things you do for me each day, I love you, Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Ok, so it has been awhile since I posted last, it has been such a crazy last couple of months.
Christmas was really good, it was kind of hard this year with Travs work schedule, since he had to work on Christmas, we had to get the kids up when he got home at 6:00am so Trav could watch them open presents and then he was off to bed. Hayden didn’t really care for opening presents because he would open one and then it would be taken away from him so he could open another, all he wanted to do was play with what he had just opened, so we finally gave up and just let Saige open all the presents (which she absolutely loved) Here are a couple of pics.

New Years Eve was a lot of fun we always spend it at Lori and Dan’s home, we do a big baked potatoes bar and lots of other food…. I think I gained 10 lbs. just that night. We play games all night long. This year Lori invited my boss and his family to come, I was a little worried, however it turned out great and we had a lot of fun.
New Year’s Day we went Tubing and I was the lucky one this year to get hurt…LOL, Trav and I decided to go down this hill together, well the tube was to big for me and him so when we hit the jump I slide underneath Trav and got sucked into the hole of the Tube, My neck got bent forward, at the time it hurt but I didn’t think much of it other than I was in a lot of pain, the drive home was extremely painful, I just thought I had strained my neck so I let it go a few days, after it wasn’t getting better I went to the Dr. I had pulled almost every muscle in my neck, so they put me in a neck brace. I looked like a big retard so I didn’t leave the house for the entire weekend. Amanda told me I needed to take a picture and post it here…LOL I did not want anyone to see me.
Saige is doing extremely well in School she is starting to get the reading thing down, I am so proud of her. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up.
Hayden has decided to act his age… Terrible Two have arrived at our home. I really need to learn more patence with him. Saige really didn’t do the terrible two’s she had terrible three’s and everyone I talk to says three’s are worst then two’s so if he gets any worse than he is now we are in major trouble.
Work is extremely busy right now and I just normally come home and crash, we are supposed to slow down sometime soon but I don’t see that happening for awhile.
Sorry for the long post!